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RENA Solar

Large-scale solar farm installations made by professionals.
Our company has more than 10 years of experience in solar installations, with more than 290 MW built solar capacity.

Why choose us?

Our aim is to build solar systems of high quality standards in a cost effective way for our customers. We gained a lot of experience and knowledge during the past years, we offer end-to-end solar farm installations with design, licensing, installation and O&M.

  • 1000 000 modules
  • 10 250 inverters
  • 100 MW built
    solar capacity
  • 10 projects

We finished more than 65 solar projects where we built in 1 175 000 pieces of solar modules and 15 250 pieces of inverters which resulted 295 MW solar capacity in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Hungary.

Thank to our buliding capacity we are able to install 6-8 solar farms of 0.5 MW size.

Products we have already used


You are about to build a solar farm?

You already have your idea about the project and you wish to review it with an expert? Pease feel free to turn to us! We will help you to reiview, to optimize and to build your project!