Pile driving, ramming

Ramming machine in work


Our company has 2 GAYK piling machines, which are able to do a large volume of piling work in a short time. We are able to ram piles all over the country.

We have experience both in building one and two leg type solar structures. The ramming depth of the pile depends on the specificities of the ground and the weather.



  • Piling of a 0.5 MW solar farm takes 1-2 days on average.
  • Start date in 2 weeks
  • Piling capacity per day: 250 piles
  • Pole types: „C”, „Z”
Ramming machines

Advantages of pile driving

  • Short deadline for any type of soil
  • Small machines with small space requirements
  • Even on difficult terrain
  • There is no excavated soil that leads to less earthwork
Pile driving


  • Pile driving, ramming
  • Pull out test
  • Pile driving expert’s report
  • Discounted structure assembly for pile driving service
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